Bhai Fauja Singh Sculpture

Bhai Fauja Singh Sculpture

 A 3D Printed sculpture of shaheed Bhai Fauja Singh ji who was martyred alongside 12 other Singh’s in 1978 while peacefully protesting against corrupt Nirankari cult leaders, who were inciting religious hatred against Sikhs. When reaching the protest area Bhai Fauja Singh’s Jatha was attacked by cult followers who had prepared stones and bottles of acid. Bhai Fauja Singh and his band of brothers saw no other option but to fight back. They fought bravely and on receiving a gunshot wound to the eye Bhai Fauja Singh tied his turban around his eye and carried on fighting to the end

Digital Sculpt

3D Print

I wanted to create a sculpture that would show his strength and show him in his gatka pose as he was an avid practitioner of Sikh Martial Arts. A true saint soldier – respect and love to Bhai Fauja Singh !


I have also created these two rendered wallpapers for download – feel free to share and use them on your computers, laptops or mobile phones. Click on the following links to open the wallpaper in your browser and then you can download.


Bhai Fauja Singh Photos


Interactive 3D for the Anglo Sikh Wars Exhibition

Interactive 3D for the Anglo Sikh Wars Exhibition

last year I  was approached by the Sikh Museum Initiative (SMI) and commissioned to produce a series of interactive 3D exhibits for an exhibition that was exploring the history surrounding the Anglo Sikh Wars that took place in 1845. The exhibition would take place at Newarke Houses Museum in Leicester from 11th March to 4th June 2017 and include a series of 7 expert lectures, outreach events and children’s activity sessions.

My role in the project included working with the SMI team to design the layout of the exhibition space as well as the initial branding and marketing material. I designed a concept for a logo which was further developed by an amazing artist called Kam Singh Samra from Birmingham, his visual design was not only distinctive but was the linchpin for the whole project. 

Anglo Sikh Wars Leaflet Design Logo Design by Kam Singh

Use of 3D Visualisation to design the space

It became apparent very early on that designing an exhibition to fit in the physical space is very difficult, especially when you are going to be doing most of the work remotely. Therefore in our first visit to the Newarke Houses Museum, the rooms were surveyed to ensure accurate measurements. Read More

Camp Posters

July 10, 2012 |  by  |  Graphic  |  1 Comment

I started off in graphics quite a long time ago, I was pretty handy around a computer (a 386 with 4mb ram) and was asked to produce some leaflets for a gurmat camp. Unfortunately I wasn’t very handy at graphics so made a lot of crappy posters. I kind of grew up in my teens in and around the SNA gurmat camps in South Birmingham, where I made a lot of friends.

Gyani Sukha Singh(AKA the cyber Gyani or his lesser known name of The Poster Ninja) is a true LEGEND who runs the camps like clockwork. He is dedicated, unshakeable and an inspiration to all who have the pleasure to be in his company.

BUT, there is one part of his operation that is just ran like a proper desi operation. A few weeks before the camp, everything’s organised, but, no one knows about it, oh my god we need a POSTER, otherwise no one will know, no one will come and eat the chips and beans and our future will be doomed. Read More