Punjabi Alphabet Papercraft Model

Punjabi Alphabet Papercraft Model

August 28, 2016 |  by  |  3D, PaperCraft  |  No Comments

Punjabi alphabet paper craft 3D model. This is a prototype for printable alphabet templates that can be used by parents and teachers for teaching Punjabi. Print, cut, fold, glue then decorate. You can print on a4 but ideally a3 and I would recommend printing them on card

I find that a quick drying tacky glue is always easier then normal PVA glue and also you can get a thin double sided sticky tape that can also be useful.


I need some help developing these – if anyone is willing to test these out with their kids and give some feedback I would really appreciate it. I also have a simpler version. Please email me at papercraft @ taran3d.com and I will email you back a link.