Free Kanga 3D Model and Photoshop Tutorial

July 1, 2010 |  by  |  3DS Max, Featured, Historical, Photoshop, Tutorial

Still suprised at the lack of Panjabi 3D resources available so heres a traditional wooden Kanga (Hair Comb) 3D model for everyone to download and use. I know its nothing majorly complex but I hope it will be useful. The model is provided in 3ds format with a 512 x 512 texture. Read more for a tutorial on how to use the 3D model in photoshop.

kanga 3d model


you can import the 3d model in most 3d packages but im going to show you how you can use it in Adobe Photoshop Extended CS3 and above.

Import 3d object as photoshop layer

Download 3D Kanga Model and Texture file (240KB)

Format: 3ds
Polygon Count: 1700
Texture size: 512 x 512

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  1. Great site and really well explained tutorial.

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