Garja Singh Bronze Statue

A 30cm  solid bronze Statue of Garja Singh the famous 17th Century Sikh warrior and hero. Finished in dark patina finish.

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A 30cm  solid bronze Statue of Garja Singh the famous 17th Century Sikh warrior and hero. Finished in dark patina finish. There is a 8 week lead time for ordering these.

He has a large Dumalla (military style turban ) with Chakar(quoits) and chandtorr(insignia). The kamarkassa(cloth tied belt) can be seen across his waist securing his matchlock and kard(knife). A traditional Dhaal (shield) adorns his back. He is standing in defiance holding two swords ready for battle.

The statue depicts Bhai Garja Singh who in the 1740’s, alongside his best friend Bota Singh took over a checkpoint to protest the Governers’ proclamation that all Sikhs had been killed. They took over the checkpoint and started to charge a passing fee to all government shipments and sent a letter to the Governor insulting him and calling him out to fight. Many soldiers were sent to capture them and they fought to the very last breath. The story  of their defiance and audacity became legendary across Punjab and gave people hope. They sent a message to everyone that the Khalsa was alive and ready to fight back and will be remembered forever for defending the honour of the Khalsa.

These sculptures are made in a prestigious British foundry using the lost wax casting method which dates back 6000 years. it is a highly skilled, labour intensive process but what you get is a beautifully crafted 2.6kg sculpture that is solid metal and will last a lifetime. The process of making these Bronze statues  involves a silicone rubber mould being made over the original 3D design print. Once removed molten wax is slushed into the mould, poured out and the remaining skin allowed to cool; this forms a hollow wax positive. This is then coated inside and out with liquid ceramic and grit, built up in layers to form a strong heat-resistant investment around the wax.  This is then baked upside down in an oven, allowing the wax to be burnt out (lost wax). The negative space formerly occupied by the wax is now filled with molten bronze poured in at 1200ºC into the pre-heated ceramic investment. If the bronze has been cast in several pieces, it is now welded together and chased.The sculpture is now ready to be heated up and applied with a wide range of chemicals, which form the finished patina colour.

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Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 15 x 15 x 30 cm


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