Bringing Heritage & Art to Life

We are a leading design studio specialising in engaging interactive content for heritage visualisation and interpretation. Empowering curators/creators to leverage new media technologies to encourage engagement with new audiences.

About us

Taran3D is a team of designers who are passionate about heritage, storytelling and design. We combine rigorous research, interpretive planning, high levels of creativity and technical know-how to tell stories through inspiring interpretive visitor experiences.

Founded in 2015, we have delivered numerous successful projects for clients throughout the UK. Our multidisciplinary team of designers and developers have developed intelligent and creative interpretation and educational solutions for numerous museums, heritage projects, community groups and engineering firms. 

“The technology revolution has played a fundamental role in how we engage with the world around us, especially children who are no longer impressed with static objects they are looking for more interactive experiences.”

Dr H Roberts, Head of Business Development, Taran3D