We bring projects to life by blending creative skills & animation with cutting edge technology to produce unique and compelling interactive content.

Our innovative ‘tech’ team collaborate with clients and will always go above & beyond to create immersive experiences that explore your project and engage your audience.

Our portfolio of work is pretty impressive (if we do say so ourselves!) and has helped us build an excellent reputation as a leading 3D, VR & AR studio.

CGI & 3D Visualisation

Whether we’re showcasing products, reimagining ancient relics or bringing a dazzling new environment to life, our 3D and CGI visualisations are the perfect way to digitally enhance any project.

Virtual Reality

Our intricate VR experiences will capture your audience’s imagination, allowing them to step virtually, into your project as an immersive experience. Using innovative VR headsets we can digitally transport your audience to any environment, capturing their imagination and engaging their minds.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality allows us to bring your project to life in the palm of your customers hands. Give us any object and our creative team will work their magic to digitally transform it into an awe-inspiring, memorable experience. All at the touch of a button on any mobile device.

Training Consultancy & Partnerships

We live and breathe immersive tech at Taran3D and understand the place it has within our world today. In the UK alone, immersive technology is a £1b industry that continues to grow at a staggering rate year on year across a range of influential sectors.

We are passionate about the possibilities that immersive technology can bring to businesses and enjoy sharing our knowledge and skills to encourage individuals to explore the use of immersive tech in their business or working life.

We provide comprehensive Immersive Technology training programmes covering all areas including 3D, VR and AR. We work with a vast range of businesses and individuals from novices to professionals alike to help them step into the sometimes daunting world of 3D, VR & AR. We offer solutions and support to help them understand the place immersive tech can have within their businesses and provide easy to understand yet effective training to meets everyone’s requirements.

As well as working direct with businesses to develop the way they use immersive tech in their work, Taran3D also partners with a select group of training partners to deliver exciting and insightful content. This includes working with SME’s and individuals as well as young people looking to break into the industry.

We are passionate about innovation and developing our skills to continually push the boundaries of immersive tech. We are also committed to supporting and inspiring the next generation of industry professionals and this is evident in the range of training initiatives we are involved in.