Turban Armour (Chand Tora)

Here is an ornament that was traditionally worn by sikh soldiers on their turbans meant for going into battle. The “Chand Tora” is a metal symbol consisting of a crescent and a double edged sword, it is held in place at the front of the turban by woven chainmail cord tied in a pattern within the turban to protect the head from slashing weapons.This particular design was inspired from an image that used to be on the original sarbloh.com website. I mixed it with a circular chakar shape with a bar down the centre that would be used to secure the armour to the turban using metal wire.

wireframe of the chand Wireframe of the 3D Model

Original Gajaga

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sanatan sikh
November 19, 2010 at 9:48 pm

Its a aad chand. Worn by nihang singhs, the chandra is symbol of shiv ji, the chandra gives inspiration to nihangs to carry on fighting. And is different from the khanda. – edited out section –

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