3D Printed Sculptures

A 3D Printed sculpture of Shaheed Bhai Fauja Singh ji for an exhibition commemorating the 40th anniversary of their martyrdom alongside 12 other Singhs in 1978

Human Rights Exhibition

A submission made for an art exhibition that was held in 2016 featuring Bapu Surat Singh, a Human Rights Campaigner who is campaigning for Sikh political prisoners in Punjab by peaceful means in the form of a hunger strike. The model was digitally sculpted and 3D printed

Bapu In Defiance
Digital Sculpt 3D Print Resin, January 2016
Size – 500mm 

The name Bapu Surat Singh evokes an image of a frail and emaciated old man. But he is more than his body. This sculpture is a tribute to the warrior spirit of Bapu Surat Singh, who despite his physical condition, remains steadfast and stoic in his fight for justice. While his body may be frail and weak, his spirit is strong and will not be conquered


  • Sculpting
  • 3D print